Eco Town

The Home Show team are excited to bring Eco Town back to the Home Show for 2019. Eco Town is an interactive and educational feature focusing on sustainability and making homes more eco-friendly.



Wombat became a hit on The Block 2017 by just being himself. This down to earth Aussie larrikin has a strong passion for sustainability and the environment, which shines through in the
way Wombat lives his life and partners he chooses to work with.

Nature is his playground! Wombat believes that if we don’t look after our environment; soon, there will be nothing left to get out and enjoy.

He aims to show people how to make better choices with the products they use and purchase, while understanding where it came from and where it will end up when they are finished with it.

His goal is to work with companies and organisations that share this same passion, and to help share their story.

Wombat is a volunteer and crew member of the Sea Shepherd and is working on campaigns to defend, conserve and protect our oceans and environment.

Residents of Eco Town

Updated regularly so make sure you check back soon to see who else has 'moved in'!


The vision for Tiny Homes Perth is to help create the great Australian dream from residential to rural living. Tiny Homes Perth maintains an opportunity to keep the dream in reach of all. From simply affordable living, teenage retreat, Granny flat or farming accommodation Tiny Homes Perth offer "small homes BIG ideas".

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The Worm Shed is a family operated business providing education on the environmental benefits of worm farming. With their worms, worm farms, castings & more, you will be on the way to environmentally friendly recycling and a healthy garden in no time! They are dedicated to ensuring you have success recycling your organic waste with worms.

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Perth Aquaponics is a retail store and consultancy dedicated to giving you the tools and knowledge so that you can grow your very own fresh herbs, lettuce, kale, salad mix, Asian greens etc, right at your back door.

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