Speaker Application

Interested in speaking on our Home Show Seminar Stage? Tell us a bit about yourself and apply here! Remember, applying to speak at the Home Shows does not guarantee you a spot. We will be in touch with you after you submit your application to discuss availability.

  • Speaker Information

  • Max. file size: 64 MB.
  • Session Information

    All sessions are to be educational and not of a sales nature. (If your company is exhibiting at the Home Show, feel free to direct people to your stand for further conversation at the end of your session). When preparing your presentation, consider what your key take-home message will be for the audience. (For example, you may want them to remember that the cost of engaging a designer could ultimately save them money down the track). When you've established your take-home message, use it as both an introduction and a conclusion. This helps to tie your presentation together and leaves your audience with no doubt as to the intent of your talk. Keep presentations highly visual to engage the audience with high quality images and a maximum of 5 to 6 bullet points per slide.
  • Session Timing Preferences

    The Home Show speaking timetable will be planned in such a way to ensure the topics are well distributed across the three days. While we can’t guarantee your preferred time slot, we’ll certainly do our best to accommodate your preferences. Please indicate your preferred session days/times below:
  • About the Delivery

    One hour will be dedicated to your session. This will allow: 15 minutes for set up and introduction (by MC), 30 minutes (maximum) for your actual talk, 15 minutes for a Q and A (moderated by MC). Please bring a copy of your presentation on USB on the day so that your presentation can be set up accordingly.
  • PowerPoint Requirements

    All presentations must be prepared in PowerPoint. A reliable internet connection cannot be guaranteed. Accordingly, all presentations need to be self-contained. If you intend to use video in your PowerPoint, please ensure the content is provided to us as separate clips as well as being embedded in your presentation.
  • Tips

    Use the highest quality images you have available. If using photographs of projects that are not your own, be sure to credit to the respective person. Keep on-screen text to a minimum. Use text as prompts only and keep your 'script' to yourself. Use the PowerPoint Notes function for your conversational script or take printed notes for reference. Avoid reading your text verbatim. Remember that you know your subject better than your audience. Be confident in this knowledge and share the information as you would in a one-on-one meeting with a client. We recommend that you use common fonts in your PowerPoints to avoid resizing at the exhibition's end.
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