What’s New In Solar Hot Water?

What if you could generate all your solar hot water needs directly from solar panels/photovoltaic panels? No conversion to AC, just direct electric current created by the sun and sent straight to a DC element in your hot water tank to heat the water. Hot water truly free from sunlight generated by a solar hot water system installed on the ground, so no tank on the roof is required!

This latest power direct solar hot water technology improves the efficiency of the system so more solar, and less boosting is required. All solar hot water systems come with an optionality of electric or gas booster that are activated when the solar system is not producing enough energy. Through the power direct solar technology, the use of the booster is minimised due to the efficiency of this system. Additionally, the customer will benefit from a silent operational system compared to the popular heat pumps systems in the market.

Another important decision to make when investing in a solar hot water system is related to the quality of the installation. There are many issues related to leaks and non-functionality of the systems due to incorrect installation procedures.

The solar power direct hot water systems require easy installation procedures, which eliminates majority of the issues related to other solar hot water systems installations, plus it requires less maintenance! The cylinder (tank) has an OTC over temperature control that avoids over-heating to keep its long life and the system’s controller offers the benefits of DIY visual checks on the cylinder’s temperature and solar energy generated per day and total.

Finally, this system is designed to provide economical service from medium to high solar gain areas and is suitable for a family size of 2 to 5 members!