WA Home Design in 2016

Space integration, elegant elevations and metallic features pave the way for WA home design in 2016.

Unsurprisingly open plan layouts remain the preferred option for most West Australians building a home this year. According to leading builder Webb & Brown-Neaves, it is clever space integration within these layouts that is in demand, with private homes needing to fulfill a multitude of lifestyle options – from home offices to private relaxation sanctuaries.

“With the growth of small business and sole operators in the WA market, we are meeting the demand for comfortable home office environments in many of our designs,” says Webb & Brown-Neaves General Manager, Stuart Jeffs.

“Space integration is paramount – whether it’s a scullery integrated into the kitchen, computer or study nook integrated into the living area or storage and workshop integrated into garage.

“We are finding that separate theatre rooms are not quite as popular as they were in previous years due to residents generally wanting to watch television while being productive in the kitchen, with the desire to move to separate living areas that accommodate multiple purposes becoming increasingly popular.”

The Webb & Brown-Neaves team also expect resort and hotel-style bathrooms to be increasingly popular in 2016.

“West Australians crave their own private sanctuary and relaxation area – the master bedroom and ensuite must work as an enclave for escape,” says Stuart.

“As standard practice in all of our home designs, we offer exceptional attention to detail in the kitchen & dining layouts, master bedrooms & ensuites and living areas. We know this is where our clients are spending most of their time.”

In terms of finishes, fittings and fixtures, timber and metallics are quickly appearing as favored textures in the current market.

“Use of metallic texture and colour is still on the rise. We expect the full metallic range – from bronze and nickel, to copper and gold – to be seen more frequently in every interior. It can also be used as external cladding.

“Timber remains a popular feature in current home design. Whether it be a natural material or not, the goal is generally an organic feel within warm, inviting rooms. There is a large range of “timber look” tiles and features on offer in terms of colours and sizes for all types of applications, like the French Oak timber cladding featured in our latest display home The Cambridge, in Floreat (pictured).

What’s Hot in 2016 Home Design:

  • Geometric and mid-century inspirations with a modern twist are trending.
  • Contemporary 3-piece tap ware is expected to become popular again.
  • Fine lines are popular. Gone are the days of chunky and bold furniture and interior features. Elegant and sleek lines are in.
  • Smart toilets are becoming preferable for comfort and convenience.
  • Simple, elegant elevations will stay on offer in what is a very competitive market.
  • Contemporary, cubist and minimalist exteriors will also be on the rise and will likely offer natural timer or metallic cladding.