Using insulated roof panels

Wherever you live in Australia you have the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of your leisure time outside for most of the year. As we have always had a love of the great outdoors, the entertaining areas in our homes have been a popular place for relaxing and respite after a busy day.

Traditionally we have mingled under the patio, spending time with family and friends having a good old Aussie BBQ. Over the years there has been a plethora of different styles & designs of patios to choose between – from open pergola to tin flat and gables and lately much more elaborate roof structures.

Recently homeowners have been focussing a lot more on updating their outdoor entertaining areas. They are investing considerable amounts of time and money on making these places more aesthetically pleasing and climatically comfortable. There has been a real impetus toward building roofs with a cooler feel underneath.

Insulated Roof Panels (IRP) provide a roof sheet, insulation and ceiling finish all in one product. IRP gives a really sleek and stylish look from underneath (the ceiling). These panels will reduce the radiant heat transfer, that is generated by other uninsulated roofing products – you will certainly recognise the difference in coolness. On top of that, there will be a noticeable noise reduction from rain and hail.

The panels can span excellent lengths (4-6m dependent on core thickness) reducing the amount of structural framework required to support them. That means with minimal rafters you can achieve a classy and streamlined ceiling effect. The top (roof side) and bottom (ceiling side) are both Surfmist coloured, in flat or ribbed profile. With a high quality polystyrene core that is self-extinguishing in a fire situation, you can have peace of mind about the safety of this product. Your choice of Powdercoated steel framework or timber framing can be incorporated to accentuate the look that is required. Also lighting and fans etc. can be included to create the right ambiance and atmosphere.

This type of roofing product can offer good value for money compared to other lined / ceiling type designs, but still achieve a really great feeling of extravagance. You will discover a new level of outdoor comfort, with a low maintenance and easy to clean roof. This product should be seriously considered when making your decision on the right roof style and design for you. You will definitely be pleased with this choosing this option.