Turn your bathroom into a Day Spa oasis

A strong design trend, the Day Spa bathroom is an indulgent, soul-soothing space. A calming oasis to which you can escape from the daily grind of everyday life, in the convenient setting of your own home. Create the look and feel with these simple spa tips.


Think natural stone surfaces, honey-hued timber accents and smooth organic shapes. You could achieve this with a matte stone benchtop teamed with timber cabinetry, finished off with a rounded-edge mirror. If timber cabinetry isn’t an option, try adding a small timber stool or towel rack to bring some texture to your room.


Nothing says Day Spa like a free-standing bathtub, the bigger the better if you have space to spare. Choose one with a smooth organic shape. You might not use it every day but you will absolutely love it when you do!


Indoor plants are always a good idea and it’s worth investing in a lush leafy gem for your bathroom. There are some beautiful hanging planters on the market nowadays. Anchor a hook in your ceiling and hang a trailing plant or two, staggering their drop heights for best effect. Devil’s Ivy is a lovely trailing plant to try.

If you have good natural light, pot a statement plant like the Fiddle Leaf Fig or Agave and position it in a woven basket.