Trending Kitchen Designs in 2020

Katie Shortland-Webb is the Director and Building Designer at KTR Creations. She let us in on her thoughts about what is trending in the world of kitchen designs this year.

Natural timber veneers and solid woods

The raw look and texture of natural timbers adds warmth and character, creating a sense of timelessness in the kitchen. People are going back to using raw materials from the earth as opposed to factory made materials. This means that you don’t get the same repetitive patterns as every piece or panel is unique. “Instead of a horizontal grain position, I see more and more people going for a vertical composition.” As the demand for these products is growing, affordability is quite comparative to the manmade options and we will see a decline in price as demand increases.

Earthy tones

“While there’s no denying white is still a popular colour choice in the kitchen, we are seeing a strong shift towards earthy colours and metal statement finishes in many modern and contemporary designs.” Popular designs for earthy tones include raw and rustic benchtop colours such as concrete paired with steel or timber trims and finishes. Another is darker tops like walnuts and oak with glamourous metal accents such as brass and copper. Katie says colours such as classic navy, sea green and forest green are also making a hit in the heart of the home.

Seated benchtops

Katie noted that homes are becoming smaller and tiny homes are on the rise. This means that dining rooms are no longer an essential part of a traditional layout. Kitchen island benchtops are being transformed into dining tables and breakfast bars. A combination of different benchtop materials such as stone and timber and at varying levels separate meal prepping areas to the dining area.

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