Top 5 house design tips

For new or first time home builders, designing the home of your dreams can seem daunting. However, a good builder will guide you through this process, providing recommendations that will suit your block, lifestyle and budget. Here are some key things to remember before you start the designing process.

Design your home with your budget in mind

If you’re working to a tight budget, consider spending more on creating large, liveable rooms that will accommodate your lifestyle needs as they change and be appealing to a buyer should you decide to sell in the future. If you have a family, think about the space you will need as your children grow up, or if you are planning to have elderly family live with you at some stage, create a space for them in your new home. While it may be tempting to spend more on impressive fixtures and fittings, these can always be upgraded when you have the money, but it is much more expensive to change the floor plan down the track.

Think about what will work best on your block

Your builder will have experience designing and building homes on a range of different blocks, so ask them which house designs are best suited to your block. Certain house designs will suit smaller or sloping blocks and you can save money working to the strengths of your block rather than against. If you have a small block, for example, you may consider a two-storey home to give you all the interior space you need.

Build a house that will suit your lifestyle now & in the future

It’s important to fully consider all the ways you and your family will use your new house. Think about whether you will need office space, a room or rooms for your family’s hobbies and extra space for guests or live-in family. A multi-purpose room is a great idea, as it can be used for workouts, watching movies, hobbies or as a play room and can double as a guest bedroom when family or friends come to stay.

Nail your floorplan

Take all the time you need to consider every aspect of your floor plan. This includes which rooms you want to face the street, how best you can capture views, sunlight and breezes, how you want the indoor/outdoor to flow and how best to position rooms and outdoor spaces to gain maximum privacy. Designing your house with these aspects in mind will not only create a great living space, but it will also save you money on heating and cooling costs.

Design a knockout kitchen & bathroom/s

Kitchens are now considered the hub of the home and a well-designed kitchen will make life easier and more enjoyable for your family. It can also increase the number of people who will consider your property if it comes times to sell. The key to good kitchen design is keeping it simple and functional, thinking about how your family will use the space.

Make every square inch count in your bathroom by installing a sliding door if your bathroom is on the small side, illuminating the space and making it appear larger with big windows and including a generous number of shower niches at an easy-to-reach height to avoid a floor cluttered with bottles.