The Top Garage Door Trends

Your garage door takes up a significant proportion of street frontage, accounting for as much as 60 per cent of a home’s façade, so it should make a great first impression. When it comes to designing your ideal garage door, there’s a plethora of styles and colours to choose from.

Whether your style’s bold and contemporary or understated elegance, below B&D Garage Doors and Openers breakdown some of the most popular colour combinations, finishes, profiles and tech trends to help you design a door that looks great and functions beautifully.

Say it with colour

Every B&D garage door is made to measure, so you can rest assured your door is one of a kind. With an extensive range of COLORBOND colours, stunning timber-look finishes and innovative designer elements like semi-precious metals and perforated panels, the opportunities are endless.

Light and airy

A beautifully designed garage door shows off the quality of its architectural details and acts as a standout feature of the home. White or lighter-coloured garage doors are particularly popular among coastal homes. A Hampstons-style home will pair perfectly with a whitewashed garage door with stylish windows for a sophisticated yet effortless look. Opt for a minimalist COLORBOND shade like Surfmist, Dover White or Shale Grey on a Panelift Icon door. Otherwise, a timber-look Roll-A-Door Neo can beautifully complement a cooler colour palette; consider Golden Oak or Japan Cherry in B&D’s exclusive Timber Coat range.

Dark and moody

Darker hues are chic, striking and a popular choice for contemporary or architecturally inspired homes. Recessive, classy and easy to match with other colours and shades, black performs well with different textural applications and pairs beautifully with natural elements. Opt for COLORBOND Monument and Night Sky, available on B&D Panelift and Roll-A-Doors. Or, opt for Sheer Panel – an aluminum composite that’s overlayed to create a stunning seamless finish. Exclusive to B&D, the darkest Panelift Icon Sheer Panel colours include Monument, Manganese, Dark Grey Metallic, Anthrazit Grey and Black.

Natural and earthy

Greys, beiges and other earthy tones are a safe bet, though they’re far from boring. Use a tonal variation of your home’s new or existing colour scheme, or pair with complementary colours featured in your guttering, edging and cladding to add texture and depth. A grey or neutral shade can perfectly offset a bold colour, so if you’ve already chosen something out of the ordinary for your front door and don’t want to risk overdoing it, opt for a neutral colour such as COLORBOND Shale Grey or Windspray.

Wooden or timber-look

Natural timber garage doors have always been a beautiful design element, but harsh Australian environmental conditions can make for a relatively short lifespan. Now you can enjoy the warmth and vibrancy of natural timber with a low-maintenance wood-look steel finish. Plus, timber-look products such as Biowood, an alternative architectural sustainable solution that is green-certified by Global GreenTag, are designed with minimal environmental impact.

Panelift sectional doors come in a range of timber-look colours, including COLORBOND Timbagrain in two shades and 10 incredible Knotwood tones, available on the linear panels of Seville, Turino & Madrid profiles. If you’re after a Roll-A-Door, consider B&D’s exclusive Timber Coat range. While other roller doors on the market are limited to just COLORBOND steel, Timber Coat is a stylish, budget-friendly vinyl coating designed to replicate the look and texture of real timber.

Classic home exteriors

From Georgian and period homes to Federation-style properties, the allure of classic, traditional homes is hard to beat. Whether your home is in the mountains, by the coast or on a cul-de-sac, a garage door in a complementary style will add character and charm.

Traditional-style homes are created from a variety of other architectural styles, so there are plenty of colour and design options that will suit. Consider a Federation profile on a Panelift Icon in an on-trend COLOURBOND hue to match other areas around your home. Deep, dark Knotwood shades such as Wenge, Black Walnut and Southern Cedar will also beautifully complement classic brick exteriors.

Mid-centry modern designs

Design trends are leaning toward a sleek, no-nonsense aesthetic. For the modern home, garage doors with clean lines and understated profiles are making their mark. Sectional garage doors such as Panelift Icon and Panelift are the easiest way to achieve this minimalist look. Linear profiles such as Seville, Turino or Madrid can complement weatherboard, brick and flat cladding. Flat panels and Panelift Icon’s seriously flat, Sheer Panel profile will exude modernity in older homes and show off contemporary style. Statement garage doors and unique architectural designs will never go out of style, so now is the perfect time to take advantage of the exciting possibilities available with Designer Garage Doors. Doors made with semi-precious metals, perforated panels, custom inserts and flush mount systems all feature in B&D’s extensive range of designer options.

Smart technology

While not a design element, smartphone capability is a must-have for enhanced security, convenience and total control over your garage door. With B&D’s Smart Phone Control Kit, you can operate your garage door from anywhere in the world, as well as monitor the status of the door and get notified with real-time alerts. Use the B&D App to grant access to guests and family members and operate multiple devices such as garage doors and gates across numerous locations. Plus, if you’ve accidentally left the garage door open while away from home, the B&D App will let you know – simply close it with the tap of a button from wherever you are.