The must have materials you need for DIY Epoxy Flooring

The many benefits of epoxy flooring are being embraced by consumers across the nation. From industrial use to strategic domestic enhancements, epoxy floor coatings are attractive, convenient and hardwearing. In addition, the ease with which they can be laid means that any keen DIYer is more than capable of installing one. An epoxy floor solution is truly a cost-effective way to carry out property upgrades.

So what materials are needed to install an epoxy floor? And are there any tips that’ll make your purchases easier?

The answer to the former will be dictated by the type of finish you require. For example, you might want a metallic look, anti-slip or perhaps an on-trend glitter vibe. Maybe you’ve got a limited time frame in which to complete the project, in which case you’ll need materials that are designed to cure in the shortest time possible.

Whatever you want to achieve, the key to getting the right materials for the desired result is to purchase an Epoxy Resin Kit. Buying everything you need in a single handy kit is the easiest way to make shopping for a DIY epoxy floor simple and fast. It bypasses any complicated calculations as to the amount of each substance that’s required, and removes the potential realisation that you’ve forgotten to buy a vital ingredient.

All About Epoxy Resin Kits

Epoxy Resin Kits contain all the materials necessary to complete your flooring project. Depending on the flooring job you want to carry out, this will include items such as:

· Epoxy primer
· Polyurethane
· Xylene solvent
· Epoxy flakes
· Epoxy resin
· Pigment
· Flake coats

Even more handily, an Epoxy Floor Complete Kit will come with full instructions and convenient labels, such as ‘part A’ and ‘part B’ etc. This makes it a breeze to prepare and apply – you simply follow the layering system for the kit you’ve chosen.

Epoxy Resin Kits to Suit all Flooring Needs

There are many Epoxy Resin Kits on the market with individual combinations designed for all flooring requirements. For a first-time installation, a flake floor kit in the colour of your choice is a popular option. Thanks to the wide variety of shades and decorative finishes, the multi-layer coating of epoxy flooring brings aesthetically-pleasing results – no joins or seams and is easy to maintain.

There are also kits for non-slip finishes, those to patch and repair cracks, options that repair the base surface prior to pouring floor covering and fast cure options.

Leading epoxy flooring manufacturer, Shimicoat, has created a wide range of Epoxy Resin Kits that provide a virtually limitless array of designs. They’ve also been created specifically to withstand the Aussie climate, something that’s vital to ensure longevity and a finish that looks like new for many years. Some of the most popular kits include:

· Epoxy flaket floor kis
· Metallic epoxy floor kits
· Epoxy crack repair kits

Whatever your DIY epoxy flooring project might be, purchasing a complete epoxy floor kit is by far the easiest way to ensure a successful installation.

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