Secure your home this holiday season

We can all get caught up in the joy and happiness of the holidays but it is important to remember to secure our homes during this special time. According to reports released by the Western Australia Police, January 2017 saw an average of 90 homes in WA being burgled each day. This was a grand total of 2790 homes broken into in just one month – think about that scary statistic – it averages out to be approximately one home every 16 minutes. This was the highest rate of burglaries since January 2004.

The criminals perpetrating these crimes are not your typical professionals; they are amateurs looking to take advantage of families who are on vacation after receiving an array of new gadgets, electronics or pieces of jewellery as gifts.

There are simple measures we can take that will aid in securing our homes a little more and hopefully give us some peace of mind;

Dispose of gift packaging in a discreet manner

Leave it until your scheduled rubbish collection day to bin any easily identifiable packaging. That way it is quickly disposed of and anyone scoping for possible targets will be none the wiser about the gifts you received.

Secure your windows & doors

It might be a good idea to check over your locks to make sure they are good quality and in proper working order. Replace any that are looking a little worse for wear.

Remove any spare keys

Collect all your hidden keys before you go away. If you’re worried about being locked out when you get home, entrust a key to a good friend or family member.

Think about what you post on social media

We all love posting a holiday snap on Facebook and Instagram but by doing this you are advertising the fact that your home is vacant.

Consider your home’s lighting

Thieves don’t like to be seen so installing motion sensor lights is a great way to deter them from entering your home uninvited.

Reduce visibility from the street

As beautiful as your tree looks in the window all lit up with presents piled up underneath, it is also a beacon to would-be thieves. Consider setting it up out of the window or closing curtains and blinds.

Know your neighbours

If there is someone on the street or who lives close by that you know and trust, consider asking him or her to check on your home every now and then while you’re away.

Take photos & record serial numbers

Taking photos and noting down serial numbers of valuable devices and belongings will make things easier for your insurance company and the police in the event your house is broken in to.

This is my house. I have to defend it. – Kevin Mccallister, Home Alone