Refresh by resurfacing

Would you like a new look kitchen or bathroom on an affordable budget, completed in only a matter of days using your existing structures? Sounds great right?

Resurfacing is quickly becoming a popular renovation alternative for homeowners who are happy with their existing layout but need a fresh modern look that feels like new without the price tag. There is no need to put up with those bright coloured benchtops, dark coloured cabinetry, outdated wall tiles and colours from trends gone by. Resurfacing will put life back into these fixtures whilst still providing that new feeling.

Resurfacing is a process which minimises cost but maximises the impact on the key areas of the home, including kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. On average, in comparison to a full renovation, resurfacing is approximately 75% cheaper. Yet long lasting, durable, stain resistant and comes complete with an adhesion warranty.

Benchtops, cabinetry, surrounding panels/fascia’s, tiled splashbacks, baths, vanities, bathroom/laundry/toilet floor and wall tiles can all be resurfaced using qualified tradesman and an industry specific resin coating.

A very important aspect of resurfacing is the preparation and is crucial to guarantee adhesion. The resurfacing process is completed in four stages;

1. Areas are masked
2. Areas are cleaned, repaired & sanded
3. High quality industry specific resin coatings are applied, firstly primer, colour and then clear
4. Areas are unmasked and sealer is applied where required.

In just a short few days, professional resurfacers can recreate your areas with custom finishes to match your home. Eliminate those long messy remodels. With a large variety of stone look finishes available for benchtops and floor tiles as well as endless colour combinations for cabinetry and wall tiles there is a colour combination sure to compliment your home.

This technique has been around for some time and has previously been featured in home renovation shows, where people have resurfaced their kitchen or bathroom to appeal to a wider market when selling a home.

So, if you’re buying, selling, leasing, upsizing or downsizing, resurfacing is a service that can save you time and money while providing the highest quality when completed professionally.

Why Replace? Resurface.