Planning a kitchen renovation? Here’s what you need to know to plan ahead.

Kitchen renovations are complex projects, requiring the input of many different tradespeople at various stages. Whilst every renovation is different, one thing that will ensure the success of any renovation project is planning. Below is a timeline for a typical kitchen renovation so you know what to expect.

Day 1-3 – Disconnection of services.

Safety is paramount for every home renovation project. In order to remove the old kitchen, a plumber and electrician must disconnect the services in the kitchen area, so be prepared to cook a lot of barbecues and wash dishes in the laundry for a while. This is also the time to start emptying the kitchen cabinets and pantry.


Day 4-5 – Demolition.

Once the electricity, gas and water have been disconnected, the existing kitchen can be removed. If this sounds a bit daunting to you, it may be worth hiring a professional to take of the demolition for you, especially if you need to remove splashback tiles or knock down walls as part of the new kitchen design. 

Day 6-7 – Cabinet Installation.

Now that you’ve created a ‘blank canvas’, the new cabinets can be installed. Depending on the size and complexity of your new kitchen design it may take 1 – 2 days for this to be complete. If you have opted for a laminate benchtop, this will be installed straight after your cabinets are in place. Some appliances, such as ovens, rangehoods and dishwashers may also be set in place (but they won’t be connected yet).

Day 8 – Benchtop Measure.

Most new kitchens have an engineered stone or solid surface (such as Corian ™) benchtop and these can’t be installed straight away like a laminate benchtop. A solid surface or stone benchtop can’t be cut down onsite and need to be made to exact measurements. To avoid any major issues at the time of installation, generally the stone mason will conduct a final check-measure once the cabinets are in place.

Day 18 – Benchtop Installation.

It can take approximately 10 working days for your benchtop to be installed once it has been check-measured by the stone mason. Your sink and cooktop are set in place at the time your benchtop is being installed and by now, your new kitchen should really be taking shape.

Day 19 – Plumbing Reconnection & Splashbacks.


Once the benchtop has been installed, the plumbing (both gas and water) can be reconnected. If you’ve opted for a tiled splashback, these works can commence now. If you’ve selected a glass splashback, a final check-measure will occur now that the benchtop is installed.

Day 31 – Splashback Installation.

Glass splashbacks, like engineered stone and solid surface benchtops, will be installed approximately 10 working days after the check-measure is complete. If you need to plaster or paint walls, this will usually occur after the glass splashback is installed.


Day 32 – Electricity Reconnection.

Now that all the components of your new kitchen have been installed, a licensed electrician can reconnect the services in your kitchen and finish installing appliances if required. Your project is now at practical completion!

If the thought of project managing such a complex venture is overwhelming, look at enlisting a professional. They will take of everything from preparing a scope of works, to getting quotes from the required trades and managing the project schedule, so you can just sit back and watch the transformation take place!

*This timeline is intended as a guide only and individual project requirements will affect the schedule of works. The timeline refers to business days only and doesn’t allow for public holidays or weekends.