Let’s talk about Frames

Windows and doors are possibly the most complex and interesting elements in the fabric of our homes and buildings. They provide light and fresh air, contrast in texture, colour and design, as well as offer views that connect our interior living spaces with the great outdoors.

The materials used in the manufacture of windows and doors can greatly affect a product’s energy efficiency. Inefficient windows and doors can account for up to 25% of a household’s energy bills. It has been shown that up to 87% of a home’s heat gained during summer can be attributed to low quality windows and doors. Similarly, throughout winter, up to 40% of a home’s warmth can be lost, hence why they need covering up. Try it! Give your windows the touch test on a hot or chilly day!

European manufacturers have excelled in the design of materials and technology for windows and doors over many decades. Dramatic improvement in the thermal properties can be produced by using double glazing, solar reflective and low E glass, and the use of argon gas between the panes of glass. The technological advances in frames now adds another dimension to windows and doors offering greater strength, reliability and durability, as well as outstanding energy efficiency and noise reduction.

The two highest quality frames available are PVC-u and Thermally Broken Aluminium. These window and door frames represent the gold standard of frames on the market today.

PVC-u (Un-plasticised Polyvinylchloride) is a highly resilient material that is used extensively in the building industry worldwide. Titanium is added to the PVC-u for Australian use, making it resistant to the harsh Australian climate.

Thermally Broken Aluminium frames are made from premium grade aluminium, with the internal and external surfaces separated by a polyamide (plastic) thermal break, dramatically reducing the transfer of heat and cold. This surpasses the standard single glazed aluminium frames used in Australian products, which conduct heat and cold readily, greatly reducing their effectiveness in maintaining a comfortable living space.


These advances in design give you:

·      Energy Efficiency ·      Fade Resistance
·      Thermal Performance ·      Low Maintenance
·      Noise Reduction ·      Rot and Corrosion Resistance
·      Strength and Durability ·      Flame Retardant Properties
·      Attractive Design ·      Affordability


Windows and doors play a significant role in the architectural vision of your home. Consider using the latest frames, together with double glazing, and allow your architectural vision to become a reality.