Handy Hacks for Garage Gadgets

Whether you’re handy on the tools, looking for room to store that mountain of camping gear you own, or just trying to find storage for the kids’ bikes and craft overflow, ensuring that your home garage or storage space is well organised can benefit you in more ways than you may realise.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of keeping an organised home garage or storage space, followed by our top tips to ensure you get the most out of your space.

Research proves the positive effect of keeping organised has on our mental wellbeing and productivity. But just think about the number of times you’ve had to re-purchase something because you couldn’t find it in the chaos. That’s reason enough for most of us to want to do an overhaul on the garage.

Here are some great things to think about when getting started:

Do some pre-planning and consider your needs to find the best solution to suit.

There are a large number of storage solutions out there, but a “pair of left-handed scissors” is not going to be useful to everybody. It is good to take time to think about what you will be storing, how you plan on using the space and if there are any limitations to the space you’re working with.

Measure your space first (or refer to your house plans if you can), taking note of anything you might need to avoid or keep clear, such as door openings, concrete pillars, piping, access panels and switches.

Ask yourself:

– Are you storing heavy items?

– Are you renting and require a freestanding or removable storage options?

– Do you need moveable storage on castors?

– Do you require secure storage, to keep things away from children or protected from moisture of pests?

– Do you require a workspace in your garage?

– These questions are a great starting point to help you identify the best solutions to meet your individual needs.

The most efficient way to maximise the space you’ve got is always to go up.

With modern living conditions, and the trend to downsize as we age often translating to smaller garages and storage options, creating space for everything we own or want to do can be challenging.

But, the most effective way to increase the floor space you have in your garage or storage space is to utilise the vertical space you have with upright freestanding or wall mounted shelving and storage.

In fact, by adding a single bay of shelving, you can increase your floor space by 4.4 square meters. That’s enough room to construct a flat packed dining table from Ikea or undertake other activities such as household repairs, mechanical repairs, hobbies and crafts.

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