Food for thought when building a new home

For many individuals embarking on the journey of building a new home can seem like a mammoth undertaking and very overwhelming.

Homes are no longer built for space and practicality alone, they reflect and express who we are, how we like to live, our social and environmental conscience and our appreciation for automation and time-saving technology.

By following a few important guidelines building the home of your dreams can be a positive and hugely rewarding experience:

Know what you want and just as importantly, what you don’t want

Planning is one of the most important factors when building a home. Make a list of your likes/dislikes and create a mock floor plan. Seek to understand and know the items you enjoy and want to replicate from your current living space. Make notes along the way of which design elements/layout features you want to avoid.

Financial confidence

Obtaining a good understanding of your financial limitations is paramount. Meet with a few mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders and possibly a financial advisor to understand your buying power and where your buck will end.

Choose the right builder

Do your homework. Ensure your builder is reputable with verifiable references but just as importantly, make sure they ‘get you’ and understand your vision, explaining the journey ahead and developing a collaborative working relationship to avoid misinterpretation and surprises.

Know where you are willing to compromise

Speak with your builder during the process to allow them to know your limitations with your budget. You may need to rethink your use of space and compromises made to your design before commencing the work.

Start a scrapbook and start sticking

Keeping a visual record in photographs, webpages and magazines will help you capture and communicate your preferences when reviewing your design options. Make detailed notes, collect samples and take time to surf one of the many online design platforms like Pinterest for creative inspiration!

Communicate clearly and consistently

Request regular updates from your builder so you know the progress and schedule in real time. Some builders provide a hardcopy working schedule to help their client’s in-between site meetings to understand the lead time for each stage.

If you have researched and planned your building process well and feel confident in your choices, you are nearly halfway through to creating the home you always wanted.