Fabulous flooring alternatives

The type, style and colour of flooring has a major impact on the look and feel of a home. In many ways it defines your home and reflects your personal design tastes. Traditionally the options were centred on tiles, floor boards, carpets or vinyls.

The final selection takes into account the look, feel, ongoing cleaning and maintenance requirements, durability and importantly your budget.

Flake and epoxy flooring, together with polished concrete are a practical flooring alternative for residential applications. Although used for decades in commercial premises the technology and product range are now more widely available to home owners.

Epoxy systems

A liquid resin (epoxy) is applied to the surface of the concrete floor. Once set, it bonds extremely well to the concrete. The final epoxy surface is highly durable and very impervious to liquids.

You can choose from a wide range of colours or simply select a clear epoxy resin which will enhance the natural look of the concrete surface. There are several options for the final finish including matt, semi-gloss, high-gloss or even a patterned texture.


Flake systems

These systems have a scattering of decorative flakes sandwiched between a base coat and finishing coat. The flakes are either polymer (plastic) or reflective metallic.

The flakes, also known as chips, come in a wide range of colours and sizes. You can choose the density and pattern applied to the floor. This called the broadcast level.

These systems allow you to create an individual and totally unique look.


Polished concrete

Polishing a concrete floor involves fine grinding of the concrete and aggregate to create an extremely smooth surface.

A clear and durable sealer is then applied which highlights the natural colours of the stone aggregate and brings out the hues in concrete.


Where are they suited to?

These finishes are perfect for all internal applications particularly in entries, kitchens, open living areas and lounges. In fact anywhere you want to turn your floor into a design feature.

In garages, flake flooring is an attractive alternative to a standard concrete surface. And externally, they suit balconies, alfresco, court yards, driveways and alike.


What are the advantages?

  • An endless range of colours and patterns together with matt, satin, gloss and non slip finishes
  • Completely seamless with no grout lines, joint lines or gaps
  • Mould resistant, will not harbor bacteria and anti-static
  • Highly durable and wear resistant surfaces that last for years
  • Surprising soft and comfortable under foot, particularly compared tiled floors
  • Easy maintenance. Dirt, grime or spills will not penetrate the surface. Even accidental flooding will not harm these floors
  • Very competitively priced compared to good quality tiles, timber or carpet

Overall these flooring surfaces provide a highly attractive, low upkeep and durable solution for any situation. The design and colour selection is only limited by your imagination.

These exciting floor finishes are certainly worth evaluating when planning your new home or renovations.