Why PVCu Double Glazing is the new golden standard

Until recently, Australia was one of the few markets in the World where sales of PVCu windows lagged behind Aluminium and timber. Advances in the tropical mix required for the PVCu to work in the heat along with UV stabilisation have meant that the sales of PVCu double glazing are now rocketing in Western Australia. Paul Murphy, Managing Director of Heatseal 10 Star Double Glazing in Bunbury explains the advantages.


PVCu glazed windows and doors have a range of convenient features, saving you time as well as money. They don’t have to be painted and unlike aluminium, won’t pit with salt air, so they will look as good in 10 years as they did when fitted. We can fit retractable fly screens, keeping bugs out of your home, without compromising on style.

Energy Savings

PVCu double glazing can provide you with vast reductions in your cooling and heating bills. It does this in 2 ways; by blocking solar radiation when sunlight hits the glass, and by insulating against transmission of heat.

The average aluminium double glazed window can reduce the amount of solar energy getting in to your home through each window by 10%. For basic PVCu this figure rises to 21% (see http://www.yourhome.gov.au/passive-design/glazing) and to a whopping 72% for the most solar reflective glass that we offer – perfect for north-facing glazing.

The energy saving advantages of PVCu don’t stop there. They can be up to 3 times more efficient at blocking heat loss or gain through the window as double-glazed aluminium. This is partly because PVCu frames don’t conduct heat whereas, with aluminium, the frame itself could be losing you energy (there is a reason why aluminium is used for saucepans!). Just compare the insides of PVCu and aluminium frames on a hot day and you’ll see what I mean.  The graph shows the dramatic advantages that PVCu double glazed units can give.

So, in the summer your air conditioning has to do a lot less work (saving energy and maintenance), and you may not even need your heating on in the winter!

Chart showing potential energy saving benefits of PVCu double glazing

(1kW = 1000W, equivalent to the energy used by 16 light bulbs!)

*Based on Australian Government figures

**70m2 of windows with 10 degrees difference between inside and outside (the bigger the temperature difference, the bigger the savings).

Noise / Intruder Barriers

Nothing can ruin a relaxing Sunday morning like noisy neighbours, or a busy public road, which is why many people find the noise reducing properties that double glazing offers an attractive prospect. An experienced company will use their knowledge of how sound travels through glazing to optimise the barrier properties according to your needs (I have even fitted units to a studio, successfully preventing the sound of a rock band’s rehearsals bothering the neighbours!).

All of our units also have secure locks as standard, helping to deter unwanted guests, and some double glazed units, such as the ones we offer at Heatseal, can be fitted with security screens, allowing you to keep the air flowing around your home, whilst keeping out intruders.

Selecting your glazing

Look for a company with an experienced team and a range of products to ensure that you get the best product for you professionally installed with minimum disruption. Look for customer testimonials and where possible see their previous work. You can then start to enjoy the long-term lifestyle and cost saving benefits that PVCu double glazing brings.