Curtains or Blinds?

A commonly asked question in the world of windows is “How on earth do can I make my home look great by pairing curtains and blinds?”

It’s no secret the right curtains or blinds for your home can change the feel of a room dramatically, but considerations must be made to determine the most stylish and effective way to pair them together.

Firstly, it’s best to understand the actual benefits of combining the two. By pairing curtains and blinds together you open up a world of opportunities to achieve maximum control of light and privacy. You’ll have the diffusing and soft qualities of something like a sheer curtain, as well as the light blocking capabilities of a roller blind, all in one window.

When matching curtains and blinds together, it’s best to decide on the type of blind you want for the space first. The most common styles are roller blinds and Venetian blinds as they pair well with drapes and provide a basic, solid block of colour to work with. It’s important to pay attention to the colour and fabric selections, and how these work together in the room.

For a more natural look, timber Venetian blinds are a great option as they feature warm colours that pair well with curtains. Consider a muted shade of your main colour with the timber or use the window dressings to introduce an accent colour to the rest of the room.

If you’re going for prints, pairing curtains and blinds together look best when a solid colour is chosen for one and a print is chosen for the other. Combining prints on both the curtains and blinds can look too overpowering in a room, especially if the space is small or subjected to a lot of prints already. An ideal combination if you’re opting for prints, is a roller blind in a single colour, paired with patterned curtains that feature the colour on the blind.

Mixing the colours and patterns of window treatments can add a lot of flavour to a room and look very artistic. Knowing what colours and patterns work best together is crucial when properly mixing curtains and blinds.

For many homeowners, windows treatments are a bit of an afterthought but there’s no doubting their importance once you’re exposed to the harsh WA elements. By adding a dressing to a window, and the room becomes brighter, softer or dynamic. When it’s time to retreat in your space, Perth homeowners want to be able to control the effects of curious eyes and sunlight without completely feeling cut off. The combination of curtains and blinds can help to frame and enhance your view, whilst giving you all the internal benefits too.

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