How To Turn Your House Into Your Dream Home

Your home is your castle! Having a comfortable environment is essential for the enjoyment of you and your family all year round. You also need your space to be safe and secure for when you’re home as well as being out and about, with peace of mind knowing you don’t have a thing to worry about. Feeling uninspired or unhappy with your space? Use these key ideas to help make a change. Let’s help you turn your house into your dream home!

Comfort is key

We’ve come up with some ways to ensure that your space is entirely yours so you immediately feel at home when walking through the front door. Implement a couple of these ideas or use them all to transform your space into your dream home.

Eliminate clutter – if you don’t need it, get rid of it! Sounds simple enough, but decluttering is a fantastic way to clear your space and your mind. Try selling  or donating unwanted items. On top of that, having a clean and tidy space that is not filled to the brim with junk means you can actually utilise your entire space and will also help reduce the stress of cleaning.

Scent – fresh flowers, diffusers, candles, even home cooking are all ways to express your home’s signature scent. Our sense of smell is one of our strongest senses, so ensure your visitors have a smell that connects them to you and your unforgettable home.

Don’t be afraid of fire – it’ll keep you warm at night. If you’re feeling a bit daring adding a kind of fire creates a strong sense of comfort in the home home. Think cuddling by the fire on a cold winters’ night, or even an outdoor fire pit to sit outside and gaze out to the stars.

Add a nook corner – perfect for readers! If you’re a homebody who likes to curl up with a good book, adding a nook area means you’ve got a dedicated relaxation and calm zone in your home.

The element of water – we’re talking baths, spas or even pools. Being in water can be extremely calming for the body, especially after a long day at work.


Decorating a space can be an invigorating process. Whilst having a Pinterest board is a great start, consider these tips and tricks before going out and blowing your budget on things you don’t need.

Pillows! – such a simple and potentially cheap way to brighten up a space. Work with different colour palettes or fun designs to change things up but be mindful to not go overboard and reduce the useability of the bed or couch from excessive amounts of pillows.

Decorate your walls – your home should be a reflection of you. The colours and décor on the walls should show off your personality and who you are. Framed photos of family, friends and happy moments in your life are lovely choices to constantly keep a smile on your face.

Grab a bargain – check out your local Salvos or department store before spending big bucks at furniture stores. Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are also great places to score a deal. Sometimes all something needs is a fresh coat of paint and a little love to feel brand new.

Safe and secure

Now that you’ve transform your house into your dream home, it’s time to ensure it stays that way. Adding extra security measures means there’s less need to worry about what ‘could’ happen and you can spend more time enjoying every moment.

High quality doors with secure locking mechanisms are a must. Don’t compromise on safety by going for the cheapest option, as high quality means they can’t be easily accessed or damaged.

Security cameras in outdoors areas such as the front and door are a smart way to monitor the comings and goings around your home. You can also monitor these cameras with the latest technology on your smart phone.

Adding roller shutter to windows and doors is an effective way to add security. Roller shutters are extremely difficult for intruders to break through or remove given how closely fitted they are to the windows and doors. They are also an excellent visual deterrent, as intruders will know it’s not worth the effort to try and break in.

Enjoy the outdoors 

Turning your outdoor area into an extension of the inside space means you have a myriad of options for entertaining at any time of the year!

If you don’t have an alfresco area already set up, get on it. You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors so much more through dining, entertaining and leisure!

Once set up, adding some outdoor blinds on the patio or alfresco are a sound choice so you can continue experiencing the outdoors whilst still being protected from external elements such as bugs and weather.

There you have it! Take our tips and tricks to create a place that you fall in love with every single day and always feels like your dream home. And if anything starts to feel stale or is no longer what you want? Change it!

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