7 Steps to Tiny Home Success

With so much information surrounding the tiny house revolution, Elle Paton of Tiny Non-Profit shares seven simple steps to get started. 

1. Test ⚗️

So where do you begin? Elle says you have to minimise like you’re backpacking for 10 years, “Mark out a (25 – 45 sq2) space in your house and live in it for a while. I did this for months in my apartment, I picked my bathroom my kitchen and my bedroom and banned myself from lounge rooms and the patio. It provided a precious insight; I saw how I would function in a much smaller environment.” 


2. Events 📆

The Melbourne Home Show is launching an inaugural Tiny House Expo. Featuring a street of tiny houses of all shapes and sizes, visitors can see the most extensive collection of homes under one roof. Entry is included with your Home Show ticket, so get it locked in today!


3. Research 📚

Most of the resources found online come out of the US. While some of this information might be useful, it’s better to find local resources. Try doing an advanced Google search in just Australia. Consider a consultant if you’re strapped for time. 


4. Plan 🔮

Forget who you are now, a more useful question is who do you want to be? Do you want to work from home? Do you and your partner want children? What hobbies will you have? Will your future partner be tall? If you only build for now, then you may face pricey modifications in the future or worse, have to start from scratch. 


5. Foundation 🏗

On wheels On foundation
Has to be off-grid On or off-grid
Independent of land ownership Part of land registry
No council approval Council approval
Land restrictions No limits on time stationary
Must be 2.5 Metres wide & high Has to meet minimum building standards
Has to match trailer capacity Has to match ground stability
Car has to meet tow capacity Materials need to be transported on-site
Has a tendency to shake Does not shake
4.5 Tonne limit No weight limit


6. Help 👷‍♂️

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Anyone DIY inclined should be honest with what they can and cannot achieve. If you choose a builder, then try living in one of their Airbnb homes and see if you like their handiwork. Throw yourself into a tiny house community and you might find helping hands from the team. Finally, cost out your electrician and plumber and treat it like a typical home. Everything will need floor plans, itemised specs, time frame and even insurance, which can be tricky. 


7. Land ⛰

Where are you putting this thing? A friend’s property? Your property? Buying land? Luckily, there’s a Facebook group where landowners are selling and leasing their land. 


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