6 steps to live more sustainably

We are in an age where sustainable, environmentally friendly and eco friendly are buzz words that are being used more frequently with each passing day. Many of us are trying to do our part in living a more sustainable life by building or renovating our homes to be more eco friendly – but we don’t all have endless budgets to buy the latest technology on the market.

Did you know that even the smallest changes can aid in reducing your carbon footprint and they don’t have to be expensive? Here are just 6 simple ways you can upgrade the efficiency of your home without breaking the bank;

ONE – Use natural light when possible & switch to eco light bulbs

Western Australia is blessed with copious amounts of sunlight. When the weather isn’t too hot, try opening your blinds to let in some of that beautiful natural light. Light bulb blown? Choose an eco friendly light bulb as its replacement next time you’re at the shops. You don’t have to change them all at once!

TWO – Have a shower over a bath

Showering can use as little as 14% of the water used in a bath. If you want to take it one step further, place a small (water-proof) timer in the shower and try getting everything clean in under 4 minutes. For the little ones, make it fun by having them race the timer!

THREE – Bring some greenery into your home

Indoor plants are a natural and beautiful way to improve the air quality inside the house. They reduce carbon dioxide levels and help to keep the air temperature down. And don’t they just brighten up the room?!

FOUR – Switch off & unplug

This one is an oldie but a goodie… switch off any lights that don’t need to be on. Also, you know those appliances that always seem to be plugged in but really don’t need to be? Toasters, kettles, microwaves, device chargers… the list goes on. When you’re done with them, turn off the power point and unplug them. Every little bit of energy saved also means money saved and a step in the right direction for our planet!

FIVE – Put your green thumb to good use

Exotic plants in our backyards can look fantastic but they aren’t really that great for the Western Australia climate. If you’re thinking of “digging” into the backyard and giving it a bit of a revamp, visit your local nursery and ask for some advice about the plants native to WA. You may find that a lot of them require less water and upkeep than something imported from a cooler climate.

SIX – Grow your own food

While we’re talking about that green thumb of yours, a great way to live sustainably and reduce your costs is to grow some of your fruit, vegetables and/or herbs! How much nicer will dinner taste knowing you’ve grown it yourself? This one is also great to get the kids involved in – it’s educational and nutritious!

These six little changes won’t cost you a fortune and are easy to incorporate into our busy lifestyles. Let them be the start of your new environmentally friendly and sustainable way of living.

The natural environment sustains the life of all beings universally.
– Dalai Lama