WestOz Water Filters

We are a WA based Family Owned Business, servicing all WA residents' water filtration needs. We have a solution for all sources of water: town, bore, creek, river, tank and dam.

Hard water? Our 3 Stage System softens your hard water, removing scale & calcium from your appliances & shower screen.

Travelling in camper trailer, caravan or motorhome? We have the solution for you in filtering town, creek, river, dam water.

Looking for an under sink water filter? Neat & tidy with just a tap on the sink. Choice of 2 Stage RS2000 or 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis. Ceramic bench? Install our 3-Way Tap.

Renting? Two choices of Benchtop Systems: a single cartridge system that connects onto the tap over your sink. Or our 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis, that also connects onto the sink tap.

We love it when our customers become enthusiastic about reducing plastic in the environment, tasting really pleasant water, showering and no more itchy skin, and with their appliances not scaling up anymore.

We cannot wait to see you at the Perth Autumn Home Show.

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