WA Apartment Advocacy

Over the past five years Perth has really begun to change. But it is quite evident from comments made by many people, that this change is only just the beginning of what needs to happen.

Perth is going to be home to another 800,000 people over the next 14 years and Perth now needs to think about offering different types of homes.

While there is a small percentage of people who want to stop Perth from changing, there is a greater number of people who have positive views about this change. It is these people that need be bold and speak up now.

If you live in an apartment of support apartment living we need to have you join WAAA. By providing a voice we can let Government know what we want to see, where we want to see it and how we can continue to improve.

WAAA simply represents the views of apartment supporters and as such for us to have a voice - tell us what you think!

Housing choice is important and we need to let others know that too!

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