The Worm Shed

In 2020, it is now as important as ever to take care of our environment by reducing our household waste. At The Worm Shed, we not only provide worm products to help you grow a healthy garden, we also provide worms and worm farms to assist you in recycling your own organic waste.
In the average home, approximately 60% of the household waste is organic and therefore able to be recycled by worms, rather than contributing to landfill. Items such as food scraps, paper and cardboard, teabags and coffee grounds, vacuum cleaner dust, and more, can be recycled in your worm farm. Then, you can collect the castings (worm poo) and Worm Wiz (leachate) to use as free organic fertilizer on your plants.
With our worms, worm farms, castings & more, you will be on your way to environmentally friendly recycling and a healthy garden in no time! We are dedicated to ensuring you have success recycling your organic waste with worms.
Also providing informative school incursions, council workshops, and displays at expos and field days, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future for the generations to come.

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