It can be very confusing (and stressful) when getting ready to buy, sell, build or renovate a home.
The truth is that most people don’t know where to start, or who to get advice from, and end up having to talk to many different people.

Some of the many questions that you might ask yourself are:

How do I choose the right block of land?

Should I keep and renovate my house, demolish and rebuild, or sell?

What do I need to know about finance?

What are the biggest mistakes people make with their house designs?

Should I design a house for my lifestyle or for re-selling in the future?

Who can I get to create my plans – does it have to be an Architect?

How do I find the right builder?

What are the main things to watch out for when renovating?

When should I sign a building contract, and who should review it for me?

Like anything, the best decisions you make are when you are armed with knowledge and information. So before embarking on your property or home ownership (or improvement) journey, look for someone who has that knowledge and information.

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