Shower Power & RoboPower

With an extensive background in Manufacture,design,retail and Service industries,Shower Power is well placed to continue to provide the service along with products representing best value for money.- savings!!!

At this show Shower Power will be marketing some of its' water filter range as well as its latest in robotic cleaners and window washers.

Water Filters

A) Whole of House

These are both for dirt and chlorine reduction as well as softening and pure filtration systems.

B)Under the Sink

A complete range of latest models and technology including various models of purifiers, pure alkalised &/or mineralised boiled ,chilled and sparklimg.


A) Cleaners

Vacuum, sweep, electrostatic and washing. floor products - latest technology, wifi, quiet real timesaver.These carry a 2 year warranty with all warranty work,if required, done in house

B) Window Washers

Wash and polish inside and outside windows ,no mess perfect job. Products for framed and frameless windows. Warranty work done in house

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Special - Buy more and save!

Buy 2 or more Robopower window washer/polishers and save $$$

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Special - Free Leak detector

Free leak detector supplied with all new Reverse osmosis. Plus save on boiler / chiller add ons

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