Renew - Perth Branch

Overall Vision & impact
Renew inspires and engages with over a quarter of a million people each year in Australia and overseas, taking practical action on sustainable living.

Our vision
A world in which communities thrive in a way that does not cost the earth.

Our mission
To inspire, enable, and advocate for people to live sustainably in their homes and communities.

Our goal is that by 2025 sustainable living in Australia will:
Be a common expectation for Australian households.
Be increasingly affordable and accessible.
Have broad–based political support.
Occur at a scale where it creates its own momentum.

Renew has had many Australian firsts including owning a community wind farm at Breamlea in Victoria, national sustainability education tours with our Energy Mobile in the 1980’s and Australia’s first trial of greywater systems in response to growing interest in water saving during the millennium drought. As well as leading the way in making it easier for home solar systems to be connected to the grid by actively lobbying for consistent agreements and financial incentives.

The achievements of Renew continue to grow with ever-increasing numbers of people wanting to learn how to live more sustainably. Today Renew engages with more than 250,000 people each year around Australia and overseas.

Plus we are well recognised for our leadership in taking practical action on climate change.

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