For solar power to be truly cost-effective, you need a Plico solar + battery system to store the energy generated by your panels. The Plico solar + battery systems allow you to use your power all day and night, reducing both your household bill and carbon footprint, all for one low weekly fee.

Your Plico panels and battery will be installed with no big upfront cost to pay; plus, Plico will service and maintain your system for 10 years.

Born in Dunsborough, WA, the Plico team still stays true to their local roots. They understand local communities and your needs of a solar provider. They also realise that most people are looking for a combination of cost savings and a way forward in the fight against climate change. The Plico solar + battery solution achieves both.

When you join Plico, you’ll be confident in knowing you’ve got a great solar + battery solution, an easy weekly fee, and a support team for 10 years.

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