Perth Solar Force

Looking for a WA owned and operated solar company that can offer you the best products and services? Look no further than Perth Solar Force! They are the leading solar retailer in Western Australia, with showrooms, offices and warehouses in Wangara, Geraldton and Bunbury. Started in 2013, now the top solar retailer in WA. They employ over 80 full-time local employees, including a call centre and service team, and all of their electricians are CEC qualified. They are also a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.

To date, Perth Solar Force have installed over 20,000 solar systems, totalling 400,000 panels. They're installing over 250 jobs per month and 3,000 per year. They offer a 5 years savings guarantee, a 15 year workmanship warranty, 10+ years warranty on your inverter, 15+ years warranty on your solar panels and have the best reviews out of any solar company in WA. With their wealth of experience and over 50 years combined experience in the industry, you can trust that Perth Solar Force will make your dreams a reality, helping you save money for now and your future.

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