Passive House Professionals

Passive House Professionals are a group of preferred partners who will consult, design and build your highly healthy, sustainable, energy efficient and comfortable dream home that will save you money on energy bills and dramatically improve your family's quality of life in a Passive House.

Imagine a sustainable home that provides the maximum comfort for you and your family by keeping stable internal temperatures and a continuous supply of fresh air! This building standard, called passive house design, originally developed in Germany, can reduce heating needs by an astounding 90%. This target is reached by making the house incredibly well-insulated, virtually air-tight, and by designing with contemporary use of building physics.

We are very excited to offer you a ground-breaking online course that will educate you on the effects of poor air quality, energy waste, air leaks, and lack of comfort that we typically live in, and help you design or retrofit your own dream home using the 5 principles of the Passive House Standard as a solution to the problems we face.

Design your home to the world's newest standard and ensure that the air quality in your home supports your health, saves you money on bills, and provides the highest level of comfort your family desires.

Come and speak to us in Eco Town at the Perth Spring Home Show!

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