Home Builders Advantage

Home Builders Advantage unique service includes FREE initial concept designs, planning drawings, detailed competitive tender process, working drawings, stage inspections by our building inspector and on-site help as required. HBA not only provide colour 3D fly-through of your home but we also include Walk The Plan Life-Size Walk-through to ensure perfection.

The service covers many months of input from the entire HBA staff for every client. Not only that, HBA offer to include a client’s own builder recommendations where they can meet the HBA tendering standards. In this way, we guarantee that the best value builder always builds your home or project.

We do understand that our unique customised process can raise the question of “How do you give all this service for just $1000?”

Our answer to this is that we have created our business model to provide the best value proposition, unique in its inclusions making it customer centered throughout. What’s in it for us in return for such great value? – well, satisfied customers who refer and recommend us is the answer. Our business model works on making sure that every customer gets the best value from every project, and if they do that then we benefit from repeat business for the HBA team, our builders, consultants and suppliers.

The more brand loyalty we build by offering such great value to all the stakeholders the better our service becomes, so in short, there is no catch at all in “How do you do it?” It’s just plain old-fashioned business sense. Look after your customers and they will look after you!

Our team will be at the Perth Autumn Home Show and are ready to discuss the best options for you!

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