Hemp Squared

Hemp Squared is a WA-owned and operated manufacturer of hemp-lime building products. With a focus on emissions reduction and sustainable manufacturing their signature hemp blocks cost about the same as double brick but are lighter, faster and easier to build with.
Hemp Squared’s founder Iggy Van has a background in engineering and saw hemp-lime being widely used in construction in Europe. Iggy recognised how the extraordinary properties of hemp – including bushfire resistance and sound absorption – would suit Western Australian lifestyles and was inspired to make the product locally.
The insulating and heat-sink properties of hemp-lime allow home owners to reduce or even eliminate the need for any air-conditioning or heating. An average hemp home will sequester 8-10 tons of CO2 in its walls, with ongoing emission and cost reductions achieved through lowered energy use.
Hemp Squared has a showroom located in Bridgetown and is expanding its production facility in Hester.

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