Electronic Locks Australia

Electronic Locks Australia specialise in Bluetooth ad Wi-Fi locks. No matter what type of door you have we will have something to suit. Our locks can be opened via Phone App , Key , Pin Code , Fingerprint as well as RFID Fob/Card/Sticker.
We specialise in Electronic Locks for the apartment market. In particular Fire Doors. We have a lock to suit most of the apartment doors you find.
With the addition of a gateway you can even remotely unlock your door or change codes from anywhere in the world! Absolutely perfect for Air BnB or renters
With over 30 years as Locksmiths we know what we are doing and have the right solution for your door.
Technology has come a long way with these products and the prices have come down considerably . If you think its too expensive think again. We have locks starting at $245.00
Most of our locks work from a Phone app and allow for so much functionality the 1000 words we are allowed to use here we still wouldn't be able to fit in everything

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Special - DSB07 Electronic Lock

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  • NOW ONLY $335.00
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