Celsius Air

Our 3 Pillars

There are 3 key pillars that Celsius Infiniti Air is based upon , it's why we get the results we do and the reason why so many people choose us!

Personalised/Tailored Approach
The first pillar is here because people get confused about what brand to choose, how energy efficient the product is, and where to install the unit. As we offer a personalised tailored approach, not every facility is the same. This means that we input your floor plans into our heating and cooling calculator, and then produce a specific design.

Most Awarded Innovative Brands
Pillar two is here because people often wonder about the quality of the air conditioning unit that they choose. Therefore, we only offer the most awarded and recognised air conditioning brands.

The Most Energy Efficient
Pillar three is here because people get worried about their electricity bills after the air conditioning has been installed. With this being a reoccurring fear of our clients, we always implement the most energy efficient air conditioners on the market. The unit pays for itself over time.

So come on over to our stand at the Perth Autumn Home Show to learn more!

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